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From the desk of: George K Chamoun
Date: 12-03-2016

Welcome and thanks for visiting:

I established this site for two reasons:

1-To help you obtain content for your website and blog.  Some are free and others are fee based.

2-To share with you resources to help you write your own content.

Whether you need to build a website or blog for personal or business reasons, there are many similarities that exist.

You must have contents on every page, and that is one of the key elements for your business foundation. By that I mean, effective writing that your audience will read and find beneficial.

I have been online for over 12 years building simple sites, doing online searches and analysis, and trying Internet marketing.

However, I failed but I learned a lot and I will share with you some facts.

Your online success starts with good contents. I am not the only person who knows that, but it took me long time to find out and confirm that.

Any famous and successful Internet marketer will agree on this fact, because I heard it from many of them myself.

I am not ignoring that fact that graphics, animations, and videos are effective or useful. But, they can’t convey the message without the words, whether written or spoken.

I think good effective blog post, article, or any web content piece is a combination of the following:

text=80%; graphics+videos+podcasts+animations=20%.

Some people disagree with the above formula; however, it applies to me. Maybe, because I am not good in creating graphics and multimedia.

What major problem many website owners face online?

My main problem online was writing; I learned some HTML, basic CSS, and how to build a website. I also know how to use the web hosting control panel.

Many online website owner, blogger can learn quickly to build a blog or a site, because web hosting have 24 hour support backed by online documentations to help you for free.

But, it is difficult to find someone to teach you how to write for free. Although you can find many online resources, but it is not easy to find a formula quickly.

You don’t want to spend lots of time to learn for free how to write. Time is money and you don’t want to waste it.

If you have a problem writing a blog post or articles for your blog or website, then I can provide you with some help.

If you are interested, continue reading…

You too can learn to write good articles, here is how:

Read books, write articles to practice, and get feedback about your work.

How can I help you and what will you find here?

1-Free Articles under my portfolio:

I have created 25 articles that you can use for free on your website or blog; as long as, you don’t make any changes and you keep my biography and signature.

They will help you get started adding content depending on what subject you are looking for.

Some are related to web design elements, like HTML, web hosting, domain name, or other subjects.

2-Fee Based:

In case you can’t find free articles about certain subjects you are searching for, I can write for you an article. We can discuss the details related to the content, charge, and other issues:

Send an email to:

I write about web design and Internet Marketing subjects, that are geared towards beginners.

If your audience are advanced users of web design and Internet Marketing, then I can not help you or help them. This is because they are already familiar with what I have to provide.

3-Visit the blog:

Below are some helpful resources that help you learn how to write better. Please keep in mind, there is no silver bullet and shortcuts to learn writing.

However, the more you read material created by experts in the field, the faster you learn.

Also, it is very important to mention that, you must practice to gain experience, as practicing expedite the process of becoming a good writer.

If you can’t find what you are searching for, contact me using the email address or contact form below:


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George K Chamoun

George Chamoun, EzineArticles Platinum Author